The Finnish Darkroom Association is a non-profit association founded in 2016 with the purpose of ensuring the preservation of analog photography.

The mission of the association is to share and develop the know-how related to darkroom printing in Finland, to facilitate the networking of individuals and organisations in the photography field and to create international cooperation. Anyone interested in analog photography can join as a member.

Mörk is a fully equipped, professional black and white darkroom built and maintained by the association located in The Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation's Vallila Studio Centre in Helsinki.

The association actively organises courses of all levels in black and white printing and special techniques, such as collodion wet plate process and daguerreotype. It also produces various events and exhibitions, such as the Helsinki Darkroom Festival, which will be organised for the first time in the beginning of 2022 at the Museum of Finnish Photography.

BOARD 2021-2022

Katri Lassila, president
Jenni Haili, vice president
Natalia Kopkina, treasurer
Katri Naukkarinen, secretary
Patrick Kuoppamäki
Jaakko Kilpiäinen
Iina Gröhn
  • 13.12.2021

    Open Call for Finnish photographers

  • 23.11.2021

    Call for Abstracts

  • 05.10.2021

    Selected artists 2022

  • 05.10.2021

    Courses Fall 2021

  • 17.05.2021



Mörk is a professional black and white darkroom run by the Finnish Darkroom Association located in Helsinki.

Members of the association can rent the darkroom in two ways: by paying a seasonal fee or a daily fee.

The prices include a waste fee and the basic chemicals: paper and film developer, stop bath and fixer. The chemicals used by the association are supplied by Suomen Interfoto Oy.

If you are not a member of the association and would like to rent the darkroom without joining the association, please contact us and ask for a price.

Members can reserve the darkroom through the Association´s Google Calendar. (Note: When COVID-19 restrictions apply, a maximum of two people can be inside the space at a time.)

If it has been a long time since you have worked in a darkroom, we recommend attending the association’s basic course.


Anyone interested in analog photography can become a member of the Finnish Darkroom Association by filling out the membership form.

Members are required to commit to the rules of the association and the darkroom, as well as to accept the principles of the association, which include advancing equality and inclusivity.

When joining the association, an annual membership fee is paid. The membership fee for 2021 is €50.


Mörk is located in Vallila:

Nilsiänkatu 11–13F, 3rd floor
Entry from the Nokiantie side
00510, Helsinki










041 456 3336

Director, Treasurer
040 760 1545

Darkroom Technician
040 411 7437

Open Call for Finnish photographers

In connection with the Helsinki Darkroom Festival, the Finnish Darkroom Association and the Association of Photographic Artists are organizing an exhibition of analog photography made by Finnish or Finland-based artists. The exhibition will be held at Hippolyte Korjaamo in March – May 2022.

Have you experimented with analog photography decades ago? Or are you doing something interesting using analog methods right now? Whether you are experienced or young, we encourage you to apply! We are hoping to see technical experiments, new ways of doing things, vintage material from the archives, and a wide range of analog photography in general.

We hope that the exhibition will feature works that have been carried out mainly by analog methods, but digital intermediate stages are not excluded. The purpose of the exhibition is to present the wide and diverse field of analog photography in Finland.



Hippolyte Korjaamo is located in Kulttuurikeskus Korjaamo at Töölönkatu 51 a-b, 00250 Helsinki. The exhibition space is a gallery corridor with two opposite walls for hanging. The exhibition space is best suited for two-dimensional works of art. The space is not supervised.



The application period ends on Monday 10.1.2022 at 23:59. Selections will be made by the end of January.

You may propose 1–3 works for the exhibition, of which a maximum of one could be selected. The selections will be based on the artistic quality of the works, technical abundance of the exhibition, and the keywords material and process.

The selection of works is done collaboratively by Katri Naukkarinen from the Finnish Darkroom Association and Juuso Noronkoski from the Association of Photographic Artists.



Please send your application to according to the following instructions:

Email Subject: MÖRK x VTL x Lastname Firstname

Email Attachment: Attach only one PDF where each suggested work has its own page.  Each page should contain the information specified below. Please do not write any other information about your works in the PDF or in the body of the email.

Each page should contain this information, preferably in this order:

  • Photo of the work
  • Author’s name
  • The name of the work
  • Year
  • From series X (if part of a series)
  • Size (height x width) + framed size (if different)
  • The technique of the work in a nutshell
  • Edition of the work
  • Price (incl. VAT, also indicate the VAT rate 0/10/24%)
  • We are very interested to hear about your methods! Please tell us about the methods you have used in this work.



The selected work is to be delivered to Hippolyte Korjaamo on Tuesday 15.3. between 11–18. It is not possible to mail the work. The organizers of the exhibition are responsible for hanging the works. It is not possible to store the protective materials in the space.

The artists themselves are responsible for dismantling their works from the exhibition, packaging them and transporting them. This is to take place on Monday 16.5. during hours that will be announced later.

The artist is responsible for the production of the works, transport, voluntary exhibition insurance, their own travel expenses and any other costs related to the installation. There is no exhibition fee or application fee.

The Association of Photographic Artists charges a commission of 25% of the VAT-free sales price for the sale of works.



The Finnish Darkroom Association is a non-profit association founded in 2016 with the purpose of ensuring the preservation of analog photography.

The Association of Photographic Artists is a national interest group that works to promote the social status and appreciation of Finnish photographic art and artists in Finland.



Call for Abstracts

Symposium for Artistic Research in Analog Photography

We are delighted to announce an international Call for Abstracts for the “Symposium for Artistic Research in Analog Photography” in Helsinki from 4th to 6th of March 2022. The symposium will take place as part of the Helsinki Darkroom Festival at the Finnish Museum of Photography.

We welcome submissions from artist-researchers with academic affiliations or freelance positions. What matters to us most is a focus on analog photography in its creative and contemporary practice. The symposium is all about artistic and practice-based research. We welcome original thinking, out-of-the-ordinary visions and playfulness.

The submissions are open until the 18th of December, 2021.

Enter here:


Selected artists 2022

Finnish Darkroom Association realises the first Finnish analog photography festival of the digital era in cooperation with Finnish Museum of Photography in January – April 2022. The international festival exhibition will be held at the museum, and artists to it were chosen from almost 400 submissions in the end of September.

The selected artists are: Carol Golemboski, Elodie Grethen, Frank McElhinney, Galina Kurlat, Giorgi Shengelia, Iana Mizguina, Jacob Clayton, Liam Leslie, Marcus Desieno ja Maté Dobokay.

Association congratulates the selected artists and thanks all the artists who submitted their works!


Courses Fall 2021

The association resumes the courses after the pause. In autumn we will be organising three courses: one on film photographing and film developing (16.-17.10.2021), and two gelatin silver printing courses for the beginners (29.-31.10.2021 and 19.-21.11. 2021).

Teacher of the film course is photographic artist and documentarist, board member Jaakko Kilpiäinen and the teacher of the printing courses is photographic artist and association’s president Katri Lassila. The teaching is in Finnish and if necessary also in English.

You may enroll on the courses at




International Open Call for photographers and visual artists to exhibit at The Finnish Museum of Photography as part of the Helsinki Darkroom Festival in 2022.

We are delighted to announce an international Open Call for submissions from artists who use analog processes in the creation of contemporary photographic works. Out of these submissions, a jury will select 10 artists to exhibit at the Finnish Museum of Photography during the Helsinki Darkroom Festival 2022. The purpose of this inclusive, forward-looking festival is to bring together various institutions, researchers and artists working with analog photography.

The festival consists of an exhibition that is both invitational and juried at the newly renovated Finnish Museum of Photography with screenings and events at their centrally located K1 gallery; a symposium about artistic research on analog photography organised together with Aalto University; workshops, professional get-togethers and events open for the public organised in collaboration with Helsinki-based artistic organisations and galleries.

Selected artists will receive

  • Inclusion in an exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Photography during the Helsinki Darkroom Festival from January to April, 2022.
  • An artist’s fee of 500 euros paid by the Finnish Museum of Photography and an expense allowance of up to 1,000 euros paid by The Finnish Darkroom Association.
  • An invitation to join the festival’s Grand Opening as a special guest.

Special requirements

  • Proposed artworks must be produced using analog photographic processes. This includes for example silver gelatin prints, C-prints, daguerreotypes, collodion wet plates, etc. The image production process can have digital stages, but the finished work must rely largely on analog production.
  • Submitted projects must be created recently (projects older than 5 years will not be accepted).
  • If selected for the exhibition, it is the responsibility of the artist to produce, insure, ship round-trip and deliver the selected works ready to hang to the Finnish Museum of Photography by 1st of December, 2021.

How to Enter

  • Read the Terms and Conditions of the Open Call. All submissions are found to be in agreement of the Open Call’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Generate your submission form and pay the 25€ submission fee via



Prices for members

1. SEASONAL FEE: 200 € / season

The association’s seasonal use is divided to two seasons which are:

Spring season 1.1. – 30.6.
Autumn season 1.7.-31.12.

The fee for one season is € 200. A member who has paid a seasonal fee has the right to unlimited use of the darkroom. They get their own key, storage space and can borrow, for example, the association’s film cameras. They can print in the darkroom around the clock.

The member paying the seasonal fee gets their own storage box from the lit room of Mörk, where they can store, for example, their own specialty chemicals. They also get their own drawer located under the worktop. The box and the drawer must be marked with their name. We advise members not to store their own chemicals in the darkroom.

A seasonal member who joins in the middle of a season pays the fee for the entire season. If the member quits the season midway, the seasonal fee will not be refunded. Seasonal members will automatically resume for a new season if they do not return the darkroom key to the Treasurer by the last day of the season (Spring season on June 30th and Autumn season on December 31st).

2. DAILY FEE: 40 € / day

The daily fee includes one day (24h) use of the darkroom. The fee covers the use of both the darkroom and the lit room. The daily user receives a key from the technician for the duration of the printing. The time bought with the daily fee cannot be spread over several days. Dried prints can be retrieved from Mörk free of charge after the one day use has expired, yet pressing prints the day after, for example, requires a second daily fee.

The daily use of Mörk must be recorded on the usage monitoring form located on the notice board and paid according to realised use. If it turns out that a member has used the darkroom more than they have paid for, the member will be expelled from the association without the opportunity to rejoin.


Privacy Policy

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Rules of the Association

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Rules and Regulations of the Darkroom

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Benefits and Terms and Conditions


  • Members can participate in the meetings of the association and influence the activities of the association by joining the Board.
  • Members can participate in the association’s events and exhibitions.
  • Members can rent the Mörk darkroom in two ways: by paying a seasonal fee or a daily fee. By paying the seasonal fee, the member is entitled to unlimited use of the darkroom and can lend the association’s film cameras. Members who have paid the seasonal fee will get their own key to the darkroom.
  • Members receive the basic chemicals for film development and black and white printing from the association.

Terms and conditions:

  • Members join by filling in the membership form.
  • Members commit to following the rules of the association and the darkroom.
  • Each member pays an annual membership fee. The amount of the annual membership fee is decided by the Board. The due date for the membership fee is January 31st. If you join during the year, the membership fee will be paid immediately after joining.
  • If a member wishes to resign from the association, they must notify the Board in writing. The membership fee is not refunded.
  • Both the membership and the key to the darkroom are personal. The darkroom key should not be passed on to others.
  • The Board of the association has the right to dismiss a member who acts against the rules or principles of the association or fails to pay their membership fee or the darkroom usage fee. A dismissed member cannot rejoin the association.

About the space

Mörk is a black and white darkroom built by the Finnish Darkroom Association in 2016, located in The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation’s Vallila Studio Centre in Helsinki.

Mörk comprises about 70 square meters and includes, in addition to the darkroom, a lit room with a small kitchen, table spaces and shelves for storage, as well as drying racks for prints, a fume hood and a photo press.

The darkroom has comprehensive equipment for even the most demanding printing needs. The space is air conditioned and lofty. It has six ventilation ducts, three of which are above the processing trays. The darkroom has three large sinks in a waterproof space with a floor drain and a raised floor with flood thresholds. There are two exits from the darkroom: a light lock corridor and an emergency exit.

Two of the enlargers (both up to 4×5 “) are in separate booths where the processing of more demanding  negatives can be done in peace. These light-tight booths are also suitable for loading film. Other enlargers are stored on tables with wheels, making the space adaptable for courses and various events.

Mörk is designed to be an accessible space and is available to members of the association around the clock. Additional synergy is provided by the color printing cooperative Värinä which is located in the same building.

Enlargers, 9 pcs with the equipment:

  • 5 pcs for 35 mm and 6 x 7 cm negatives
  • 3 pcs max. For 4×5″ negatives
  • 8×10″ Durst

Become a member

Join the Finnish Darkroom Association by filling out the membership form or by contacting the association's treasurer. We will then send you the membership fee payment details.