Rules and Regulations of the Darkroom

1 § Membership


  • Membership in the Finnish Darkroom Association (Suomen Pimiötaiteilijat ry) is obtained by filling out a membership form, committing to paying the membership fee in the coming years. Members are obligated to follow the Association’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Upon joining the association, a membership fee is paid annually, with the deadline for the yearly fee falling on January 31st.
  • Due to liability concerns, members must be at least 18 years old.
  • If a member wishes to resign from the association, they must notify the association in writing ( by the end of the calendar year (before December 31st). The membership fee is non-refundable.
  • If a member submits their resignation after December 31st, they are obligated to pay the membership fee for the following calendar year.
  • Neglected membership fees and darkroom usage charges will be collected through an external debt collection agency. Despite reminders, a member who fails to pay their dues will be expelled from the association without the opportunity to rejoin.


2 § Practical Matters


  • Membership and the darkroom key are personal and should not be handed over to others. Visitors are not allowed in the darkroom.
  • Individuals who wish to use the darkroom must possess sufficient skills for independent work with the darkroom tools and equipment.
  • Members are listed in the member list and the association’s mailing list. Additionally, members are invited to join the association’s Google Calendar, where they can reserve working time and equipment. In the “MÖRK” calendar, darkroom workspace can be reserved, and in the “LOANS” calendar, cameras and books can be booked (note: for members who have paid the membership fee only).
  • Reservation of darkroom working time is done in the association’s “MÖRK” calendar by providing one’s name, desired space, and enlarger.
  • Reserving the entire space for private use is allowed only under special circumstances and with the permission of the association’s board. Permission can be requested by contacting
  • No deposit is required for the keys, but in case of a lost key, the costs incurred for rekeying the locks and producing new keys for members will be charged.
  • The darkroom is accessible 24/7 (subject to availability), except during workshops and association events when the entire darkroom is reserved for participants.
  • All darkroom space usage must be recorded in the logbook, which can be found on the bright side of the darkroom on the notice board.
  • The darkroom usage fee covers the use of the darkroom space, equipment, and regular black-and-white chemicals, as well as waste management costs. Other materials, such as photo papers and specialty chemicals, are the responsibility of the individual user.
  • Non-members can rent the entire darkroom for one day (350€ in 2024) if the calendar permits, with working hours from 00:00 to 23:59.
  • Association members can rent darkroom space in two ways: by paying the Seasonal Fee or the Daily Fee.


3 § Seasonal Fee


  • The association’s seasonal usage is divided into three 4-month periods: January-April, May-August, September-December.
  • To initiate seasonal use, contact the membership coordinator/treasurer at A member who has paid the seasonal fee will receive their own key, storage space, and can borrow, for example, the association’s film cameras.
  • The key must not be handed over to others; the access right is personal.
  • If the seasonal usage does not continue into the next season, the member must return the darkroom key and remove their materials from the darkroom no later than the last day of the previous season (30.4./31.8./31.12.).
  • If the key is not returned by the deadline, the member is considered to continue the seasonal usage into the next season and is required to pay the seasonal fee.
  • Seasonal members starting mid-season must pay the full seasonal fee. If the season is terminated prematurely, the seasonal fee will not be refunded.
  • Members who have paid the seasonal fee are allocated their own shelf space for storing personal tools and materials. However, the space is limited, so please keep only the materials you genuinely need for your work.


4 § Daily Fee


  • The Daily Fee is invoiced after the printing session is completed.
  • Members who wish to use the darkroom and pay the daily fee should contact in advance and arrange the pickup and return of keys to the darkroom.
  • The key must not be handed over to others; the access right is personal.
  • The working hours for daily renters (one day’s fee) start from 00:00 and end at 23:59. The darkroom usage cannot be extended to multiple days with a single daily fee (e.g., from 15:00 to 14:59 or 8 hours + 8 hours + 8 hours + 8 hours). However, dried prints can be collected from the darkroom for free, and prints made within the usage time frame can be pressed without an additional usage fee.
  • The usage should be marked in the association’s Google Calendar and in the logbook on the notice board. Additionally, the actual usage must be reported to the treasurer (
  • Daily renters can inquire ( about the possibility of storing their own supplies in the space during their work session. Storage decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, and stored items must be promptly removed upon request. Daily renters must take all their belongings out of the darkroom at the end of their work session.
  • A daily renter can switch to become a seasonal user mid-season. However, in this situation, no refunds will be given for previously paid daily fees.
  • If it becomes evident that a member has used the darkroom more than what they have paid for, the member will be expelled from the association without the opportunity to rejoin.


5 § Borrowing Procedures


  • Members who have paid the darkroom’s seasonal fee can borrow the association’s camera equipment and books.
  • When you wish to borrow the association’s cameras, contact the equipment coordinator at
  • Equipment reservations are made in the association’s “LOANS” calendar by stating your name and the desired equipment.
  • Reserved equipment must be picked up within the day of the reservation, or it becomes available for others to borrow.
  • Once you have collected the equipment, please update the reservation as borrowed.
  • The borrowing period can last up to two weeks (14 days). In exceptional situations, you can negotiate with the equipment coordinator, especially when dealing with multiple copies of available equipment, such as 35mm camera bodies. However, please note that the borrowing period cannot exceed one month (30 days).
  • Due to limited equipment availability, each member can borrow only one camera at a time.
  • Also, remember not to borrow a camera you are not proficient in using. If you are uncertain about operating the device, request guidance from the equipment coordinator before borrowing. If you encounter any issues, always reach out to the equipment coordinator first.


6 §  Principles of Cooperation


  • Respect others and honor their space and the association’s property. The darkroom is a shared workspace.
  • Clean up after yourself, clear the tables, return everything to its place, and take out the trash if the bin is full during your usage. The building’s dumpster is located in the inner courtyard, on the Lemuntie side. You can access it via elevator or through the inner courtyard gate.
  • Be mindful when using equipment and chemicals, and adhere to the darkroom’s usage and safety guidelines. Personal chemicals used at home should not be brought to the darkroom for recycling; they must be disposed of at the recycling center.
  • Members can organize open gatherings for other members in the darkroom up to once a month. These gatherings need to be coordinated with the darkroom supervisor, and all members must be informed about the event. If the gathering lasts less than six hours, Daily Fee will not be charged.


7 §  Responsibility and Disturbances


  • The user of the workspace is obligated to compensate for damages caused due to their negligence or lack of knowledge, including damages to the space, machinery, equipment, materials, as well as others’ work and property.
  • The association does not cover the user’s personal or bodily damages. The darkroom user must acquire accident and liability insurances deemed necessary.
  • Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes are prohibited on the premises.
  • Alcohol consumption is not allowed in the facilities, except during events organized and approved by the association.
  • If a darkroom user violates the rules or disturbs the peace in the darkroom or elsewhere in the property, the association’s board has the right to impose a ban on their darkroom usage and, if necessary, expel them from the association.
  • If you are unsure about any technical, chemical, or usage-related matter, please contact