About the space

Mörk is a black and white darkroom built by the Finnish Darkroom Association in 2016, located in The Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation’s Vallila Studio Centre in Helsinki.

Mörk comprises about 70 square meters and includes, in addition to the darkroom, a lit room with a small kitchen, table spaces and shelves for storage, as well as drying racks for prints, a fume hood and a photo press.

The darkroom has comprehensive equipment for even the most demanding printing needs. The space is air conditioned and lofty. It has six ventilation ducts, three of which are above the processing trays. The darkroom has three large sinks in a waterproof space with a floor drain and a raised floor with flood thresholds. There are two exits from the darkroom: a light lock corridor and an emergency exit.

Two of the enlargers (both up to 4×5 “) are in separate booths where the processing of more demanding  negatives can be done in peace. These light-tight booths are also suitable for loading film. Other enlargers are stored on tables with wheels, making the space adaptable for courses and various events.

Mörk is designed to be an accessible space and is available to members of the association around the clock. Additional synergy is provided by the color printing cooperative Värinä which is located in the same building.

Enlargers, 9 pcs with the equipment:

  • 5 pcs for 35 mm and 6 x 7 cm negatives
  • 3 pcs max. For 4×5″ negatives
  • 8×10″ Durst