Prices for members

1. SEASONAL FEE: 200 € / season

The association’s seasonal use is divided to two seasons which are:

Spring season 1.1. – 30.6.
Autumn season 1.7.-31.12.

The fee for one season is € 200. A member who has paid a seasonal fee has the right to unlimited use of the darkroom. They get their own key, storage space and can borrow, for example, the association’s film cameras. They can print in the darkroom around the clock.

The member paying the seasonal fee gets their own storage box from the lit room of Mörk, where they can store, for example, their own specialty chemicals. They also get their own drawer located under the worktop. The box and the drawer must be marked with their name. We advise members not to store their own chemicals in the darkroom.

A seasonal member who joins in the middle of a season pays the fee for the entire season. If the member quits the season midway, the seasonal fee will not be refunded. Seasonal members will automatically resume for a new season if they do not return the darkroom key to the Treasurer by the last day of the season (Spring season on June 30th and Autumn season on December 31st).

2. DAILY FEE: 40 € / day

The daily fee includes one day (24h) use of the darkroom. The fee covers the use of both the darkroom and the lit room. The daily user receives a key from the technician for the duration of the printing. The time bought with the daily fee cannot be spread over several days. Dried prints can be retrieved from Mörk free of charge after the one day use has expired, yet pressing prints the day after, for example, requires a second daily fee.

The daily use of Mörk must be recorded on the usage monitoring form located on the notice board and paid according to realised use. If it turns out that a member has used the darkroom more than they have paid for, the member will be expelled from the association without the opportunity to rejoin.