Benefits and Terms and Conditions


  • Members can participate in the meetings of the association and influence the activities of the association by joining the Board.
  • Members can participate in the association’s events and exhibitions.
  • Members can rent the Mörk darkroom in two ways: by paying a seasonal fee or a daily fee. By paying the seasonal fee, the member is entitled to unlimited use of the darkroom and can lend the association’s film cameras. Members who have paid the seasonal fee will get their own key to the darkroom.
  • Members receive the basic chemicals for film development and black and white printing from the association.

Terms and conditions:

  • Members join by filling in the membership form.
  • Members commit to following the rules of the association and the darkroom.
  • Each member pays an annual membership fee. The amount of the annual membership fee is decided by the Board. The due date for the membership fee is January 31st. If you join during the year, the membership fee will be paid immediately after joining.
  • If a member wishes to resign from the association, they must notify the Board in writing. The membership fee is not refunded.
  • Both the membership and the key to the darkroom are personal. The darkroom key should not be passed on to others.
  • The Board of the association has the right to dismiss a member who acts against the rules or principles of the association or fails to pay their membership fee or the darkroom usage fee. A dismissed member cannot rejoin the association.