Open Call for Artist Residency in Oslo

Nordic Analog Network

Darkroom Exchange Fall 2022

Helsinki / Oslo

In partnership with Cyan Darkroom in Oslo, we are organizing a residency exchange open for Finnish artists, or artists living in Finland, working with analog photography.

The goal is to share experience, create contacts and opportunities for networking between analog photo artists. There is no application fee. Based on the received applications each darkroom will decide the artist to be invited for the residency.

Travel and accommodation will be paid for and there is a small artist’s fee paid for the artist as well. During their stay the artists are free to work with whatever project they want. The invited photographer is encouraged to give some form of presentation of their work at the darkroom they are visiting and may get help to organize other activities such as workshops, small shows, artist talks, meetups with other artists or galleries and the like.

The working period for the Finnish artist in Oslo is three weeks during Oct-Nov 2022. Accommodation for the invited artist will be at the guest apartment of the Norwegian Association of Art Photographers.

Open Call for Norwegian or Norway-based artists to work at Mörk is open simultaneously. Find more info here: The working period for the Norwegian artist in Helsinki is 1.10.–22.10.2022. Accommodation for the invited artist will be at the Villa Eläintarha run by HIAP, an international artist residency center in a wooden villa in the center of Helsinki, next to Töölönlahti bay.




This collaboration between the two darkrooms is set up as a second pilot to test how a Nordic collaboration between the darkrooms in different countries can work. The first pilot was held in spring 2022. Having this artist exchange will hopefully be the start of an ongoing exchange between community darkrooms in the Nordic countries. This round of the Darkroom Exchange is organized with support from the Norwegian-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The Nordic Analog Network is supported by Nordic Culture Point.



Cyan is a community darkroom with 40 members. They have a workspace near the botanical gardens in Oslo with easy access by bus or tram from the centre. The space includes an open darkroom space with a handful of enlargers. It is set up as a black and white darkroom and they have a selection of enlarges from 35mm to 8”x10” with several 4”x5” machines. Outside the darkroom is a lightroom with workspace for mounting with a hot press, paper cutter and matt cutter. Being a street level shop front space they also have a small area set up as a showroom to exhibit members’ works. Cyan darkroom is connected to the Cyan studio that is photo studio that doubles as a gallery and event space nearby:

Cyan can offer the visiting artist free use of a fully working darkroom and lightroom, including use of basic chemicals and access to a storage of old and expired photo papers. Cyan also has a photostudio that can be used as a space for meetups, artist talks and presentations as well as a small show or exhibition. The darkroom has a community of engaged analog photographers and artists and Cyan has a network that reaches out to the rest of the photography community in Oslo and Norway and we hope our invited artist will take part in an instagram takeover and let us invite to a final show or any other suggested activity.



  • Application deadline: 15.08.2022
  • Invitations to selected artists will be sent out by 30.08.2022.
  • Applications of the Finnish artists to be sent as a single PDF document to
  • Email subject line: DARKROOM EXCHANGE FALL 2022 – APPLICATION
  • Application texts must be in English.
  • PDF must include:


  1. Contact info: Name, email, and telephone.
  2. Work Plan; description of planned work you will do during the residency; possible project idea, theme you are thinking of, techniques you work with, or things you want to try out, max 4000 characters. Work plan can include suggestions for open activities you want to share during your residency. We suggest that during their stay the invited artist do some kind of presentation of their work, or meeting with the members. Or maybe you already know if you want to hold a workshop, do a public presentation or artist talk, set up a small show, meet local photographers or gallerists, or something else?
  3. Short Bio about yourself, max. 500 characters.
  4. CV, max. 2 pages.
  5. 10 images of your work at the end of the PDF. Minimum of 5 images are required having been made with analog processes.



For more information about application and the exchange:

For more information about Cyan: Stig Marlon Weston,