Spring courses 2024

We are finally publishing the spring courses in Mörk! You can learn basic skills as well as more advanced techniques. As the new courses, we have cyanotype printing and large format photography, where the working format will be 4×5″.

Basics of gelatin silver printing 15.–16.3.2024

Advanced course of gelatin silver printing 5.–7.4.2024

Cyanotype printing May

The teachers are the association’s chair, Katri Lassila, and long time members Jussi Hartelin and Mika Selvinen.

Courses are taught in Finnish and English.


Members of the association get a 20% discount on courses with the code “JASENALENNUS”. Also remember that a course is a perfect gift for someone close to you who is interested in analog photography.


We are finally publishing the much-requested autumn course offer in Mörk! You can learn basic skills as well as the wet plate process. As a new course, Katri teaches a workshop focused on finishing a black and white print.

Basics of silver gelatin printing 27.–28.10.2023

Film photography and development of black and white film 03.–04.11.2023

Intro to wet plate photography 17.11.–19.11.2023

Advanced course of silver gelatin printing 24.11.–26.11.2023

Finishing the silver gelatin print 08.12.–09.12.2023


The teachers are the association’s chair, Katri Lassila, and vice-chair, Jenni Haili.

In all courses, the language of instruction is Finnish, but also English if necessary.


Members of the association get a 20% discount on courses with the code “JASENALENNUS”. Also remember that a course is a perfect gift for someone close to you who is interested in analog photography.


We got a few more great courses for the spring! The long-planned Chromoskedasic sabattier course by Helsinki Darkroom Festival artist Iana Mizguina is a unique opportunity to learn a special method of metalizing silver prints. The course is however easy and suitable also for beginners. There will also be a second chance to participate in the very popular bromoil printing course. And everyone who has ever studied at Aalto University knows that Juha Markula’s bookbinding course is unbeatable! On Joutsen’s and Markula’s courses teaching is only in Finnish.

Bookbinding workshop
Teacher: Juha Markula

Chromoskedasic sabattier -menetelmä
Teacher: Iana Mizguina

Teacher: Markku Joutsen


Spring 2023 in Mörk will be full of interesting workshops. Now, if ever, you should update your basic skills and throw yourself into the world of attractive alternative methods! Please also remember that a course is a perfect gift for someone close to you who is interested in analog photography.


The main teaching language is Finnish, however most courses may also be held in English if requested.

Basics of silver gelatin printing
In the silver gelatin printing workshop, you will learn the basics of b&w darkroom work. You can join the course, even if you have never printed a photo in a darkroom or have completely forgotten about it.
Teacher: Katri Lassila

Bromoil printing workshop
The course covers the basics of bromoil printing and teaches you the bromoil printing technique in practice.
Teacher: Markku Joutsen

Film photography and development of black and white film
Is there a film camera gathering dust on your shelf that you don’t know how to use? Don’t worry, this course guides you through everything: from choosing the film, loading it into the camera, to shooting and developing it.
Teacher: Jenni Haili

The basics of bookbinding
In the bookbinding workshop, you will learn the basics of bookbinding. You can participate in the course without previous experience in bookbinding.
Teacher: Juha Markula

Intro to wet plate photography
Wet plate photography was a process from the middle and end of the 19th century, which was made famous by e.g. Julia Margaret Cameron and Gustave Le Gray. In this course, you will learn how to make, expose, process and finish ambrotypes (image on glass) and ferrotypes (image on black aluminum).
Teacher: Jenni Haili


Finnish Darkroom Association publishes an OPEN CALL for Nordic Analog Network artist residency program. Application deadline is 15.1.2023.

Nordic Analog Network is a program supported by Nordic Culture Point, funded in 2021 in collaboration with Cyan Studio from Oslo, Norway. Program was launched in 2022 with two pilot residency periods.

In the NAN program, during two years all together twenty Nordic artists will live and work during three-week residency periods in a darkroom situated in another Nordic country. Program offers funding for the darkrooms and for the artists selected in it.

In the NAN program 8 darkrooms are included from all the five Nordic countries; Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Read more about NAN and apply:

Workshops Fall 2022

In autumn 2022 we will be organising three courses: one on film developing and two gelatin silver printing courses.

Teacher of the film course is photographic artist and documentarist, board member Jaakko Kilpiäinen and the teacher of the printing courses is photographic artist and association’s president Katri Lassila. The teaching is in Finnish and if necessary also in English.

You may enroll on the courses at

Note! If you order two courses (amount over 270€), you get a -15% discount with the code “Kurssit”!

Open Call for Artist Residency in Oslo

Nordic Analog Network

Darkroom Exchange Fall 2022

Helsinki / Oslo

In partnership with Cyan Darkroom in Oslo, we are organizing a residency exchange open for Finnish artists, or artists living in Finland, working with analog photography.

The goal is to share experience, create contacts and opportunities for networking between analog photo artists. There is no application fee. Based on the received applications each darkroom will decide the artist to be invited for the residency.

Travel and accommodation will be paid for and there is a small artist’s fee paid for the artist as well. During their stay the artists are free to work with whatever project they want. The invited photographer is encouraged to give some form of presentation of their work at the darkroom they are visiting and may get help to organize other activities such as workshops, small shows, artist talks, meetups with other artists or galleries and the like.

The working period for the Finnish artist in Oslo is three weeks during Oct-Nov 2022. Accommodation for the invited artist will be at the guest apartment of the Norwegian Association of Art Photographers.

Open Call for Norwegian or Norway-based artists to work at Mörk is open simultaneously. Find more info here: The working period for the Norwegian artist in Helsinki is 1.10.–22.10.2022. Accommodation for the invited artist will be at the Villa Eläintarha run by HIAP, an international artist residency center in a wooden villa in the center of Helsinki, next to Töölönlahti bay.




This collaboration between the two darkrooms is set up as a second pilot to test how a Nordic collaboration between the darkrooms in different countries can work. The first pilot was held in spring 2022. Having this artist exchange will hopefully be the start of an ongoing exchange between community darkrooms in the Nordic countries. This round of the Darkroom Exchange is organized with support from the Norwegian-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The Nordic Analog Network is supported by Nordic Culture Point.



Cyan is a community darkroom with 40 members. They have a workspace near the botanical gardens in Oslo with easy access by bus or tram from the centre. The space includes an open darkroom space with a handful of enlargers. It is set up as a black and white darkroom and they have a selection of enlarges from 35mm to 8”x10” with several 4”x5” machines. Outside the darkroom is a lightroom with workspace for mounting with a hot press, paper cutter and matt cutter. Being a street level shop front space they also have a small area set up as a showroom to exhibit members’ works. Cyan darkroom is connected to the Cyan studio that is photo studio that doubles as a gallery and event space nearby:

Cyan can offer the visiting artist free use of a fully working darkroom and lightroom, including use of basic chemicals and access to a storage of old and expired photo papers. Cyan also has a photostudio that can be used as a space for meetups, artist talks and presentations as well as a small show or exhibition. The darkroom has a community of engaged analog photographers and artists and Cyan has a network that reaches out to the rest of the photography community in Oslo and Norway and we hope our invited artist will take part in an instagram takeover and let us invite to a final show or any other suggested activity.



  • Application deadline: 15.08.2022
  • Invitations to selected artists will be sent out by 30.08.2022.
  • Applications of the Finnish artists to be sent as a single PDF document to
  • Email subject line: DARKROOM EXCHANGE FALL 2022 – APPLICATION
  • Application texts must be in English.
  • PDF must include:


  1. Contact info: Name, email, and telephone.
  2. Work Plan; description of planned work you will do during the residency; possible project idea, theme you are thinking of, techniques you work with, or things you want to try out, max 4000 characters. Work plan can include suggestions for open activities you want to share during your residency. We suggest that during their stay the invited artist do some kind of presentation of their work, or meeting with the members. Or maybe you already know if you want to hold a workshop, do a public presentation or artist talk, set up a small show, meet local photographers or gallerists, or something else?
  3. Short Bio about yourself, max. 500 characters.
  4. CV, max. 2 pages.
  5. 10 images of your work at the end of the PDF. Minimum of 5 images are required having been made with analog processes.



For more information about application and the exchange:

For more information about Cyan: Stig Marlon Weston,




Process Space of the Finnish Museum of Photography, Wednesday 20th of April starting 5pm


5 to 6pm

Award Ceremony for the first Young Photographer Award and announcement of the winner. The finalists of the competition are Seela Joensuu, Joonas Kokkonen and Yu Yue. Katri Lassila, President of the Finnish Darkroom Association, interviews the young finalists about photography and especially doing analog photography. This part of the program is in Finnish.


6 to 7pm

Two artists will present their analog photography practice: Sébastien Reuzé, a French artist invited to partake in the Helsinki Darkroom Festival’s main exhibition ‘Impression Remains’, and Silvia de Giorgi, an invited artist of the Nordic Analog Network residency exchange organised for the first time as part of the festival.


7 to 7:30pm

Katri Lassila, President of the Finnish Darkroom Association, will discuss analog photography with Sébastien Reuzé and Silvia de Giorgi.


Admission to the event is free.



Open Call for exhibition in Tallinn

In May 2022, Museum of Photography (Tallinn, Estonia) will begin their new theme year dedicated to analog photography. To open the new theme year, the museum will organize an Estonian-Finnish joint exhibition in cooperation with the Finnish Darkroom Association and the Helsinki Darkroom Festival, the Finnish Museum of Photography, and the Finnish Institute in Estonia. The exhibition will be held at the Jaani Almhouse Gallery (Jaani Seek Gallery) from the end of May to September 2022. There will be approximately up to 2,5 to 5 m of the display wall for every artist at the exhibition space.

Finnish Darkroom Association is launching an Open Call to select 5–6 Finnish or Finland-based photographic artists to participate in the exhibition. The Open Call is for photographers who use analog photographic processes to create contemporary photographic works. This includes for example silver gelatin prints, C-prints, daguerreotypes, collodion wet plates, etc. There may be some digital stages in the process of making an image, but the finished work must be largely based on analogue methods. When compiling the selection for the exhibition, the jury will emphasize the photographer’s artistic vision.

The aim of the museum’s analog photography theme year is to show that the old technological photographic methods are not extinct but are successfully used in modern photography as a practice of visual self-expression. The works of the following Estonian artists were selected through an Open Call organized in Estonia earlier this year: Kadri Otsiver, Madis Katz, Toomas Kalve, Tarmo Rätsep, Theo Efros, Liis Ring, Maxim Mjödov and Aiki Järviste.



The international jury consists of Katri Lassila (President of the Finnish Darkroom Association), Natalia Kopkina (Executive Director of the Finnish Darkroom Association), Elina Heikka (Director of the Finnish Museum of Photography), Marge Monko (Head of the Photography Department of EAA), Andrij Bojarov (Visual Artist, Curator and Researcher) and Annika Haas (Curator of the Museum of Photography, Estonia).


How to apply

  • To participate please send an overview of the best of your analogue photography project(s) to 
  • The application period ends on Sunday, March 27th, 2022 at 23:59.
  • Email Subject: TALLINN x First Name Last Name
  • The submitted projects – up to 10 works to one project – should be completed within the last five years.
  • Images should be sent in JPG format and at least 2000 pixels wide.
  • There are no thematic restrictions.
  • Please include a brief description of the analogue technique used and the concept of the work submitted. Textual descriptions do not have to be long. We are curious to know the photographer’s motives and reasons for using analog techniques in today’s digital world.
  • Attach a current CV.
  • Application should be in English.


Additional information about the Exhibition: Annika Haas, Curator of the Museum of Photography (Tallinn),

Additional information about the Open Call: Natalia Kopkina, Executive Director of the Finnish Darkroom Association,




Is photography your passion? Are you interested in film photography and printing in the darkroom? Are you 16–20 years old?


The Finnish Darkroom Association and the Finnish Museum of Photography organise a photography competition for young people in March 2022. Organised for the first time, the Young Photographer Award is part of the Helsinki Darkroom Festival’s program. The competition is open to all photographers aged 16–20 and living in Finland. Participation in the competition happens with a digital portfolio consisting of  ten photographs, which can consist of photographs created using analogue or digital methods.


Aims and awards

The aim of the Young Photographer Award is to inspire young people to expand their photographic expression. The competition grants its finalists the opportunity to develop technical skills and try out different analog photography techniques. The  jury will select three finalists, each of whom will be awarded with film cameras and films provided by our partners. In addition, the finalists will receive an optional course organised by the Finnish Darkroom Association at the Mörk darkroom in Helsinki. One winner will be selected from the three finalists. The winner will be awarded with the Young Photographer Award Certificate. The works of the finalists will be published on the social media channels of the Finnish Museum of Photography and the Finnish Darkroom Association (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok).



The judges of the competition are Elina Heikka, director of the Finnish Museum of Photography, Natalia Kopkina, photographer and artistic director of the Helsinki Darkroom Festival, and photographer Milja Laakso from the Photofuss youth group at the Finnish Museum of Photography. The jury evaluates the portfolios on the basis of the totality. The ten photographs in the portfolio do not have to be from a single series, but the jury hopes the images are qualitatively consistent. The jury encourages applicants to present their works with courage, originality and clear expression of their own views.


Participation in the competition

  • The application period ends on Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 23:59.
  • To participate in the competition, send 10 separate image files by e-mail and one text file to 
  • Email Subject: AWARD x Last Name First Name
  • Images should be sent in JPG format as an email attachment. Images must be at least 2000 pixels wide. As the file name of the images, mark your full name Last Name First Name, for example LastName_FirstName_1.jpg, LastName_FirstName_2.jpg, etc.
  • In addition to the images, create one PDF text file with a max.  500-word description of your interest in photography. In the same file, write your contact information, age, and list the image titles, year when photographed and, if necessary, technical information of the images you submitted.
  • The results of the competition will be announced on 15.4. The finalists of the competition will be notified of the result in person.
  • Participation is free.


Copyright and liability

  • Photographs submitted to the competition must be taken by the entrant himself.
  • Entrants must have full rights to the images and their publication, such as permission to use the image from the models in the images for competition purposes.
  • The organisers of the competition and the media have the right to publish the pictures of the finalists on the website, in the press and in the print media in connection with the results of the competition or the advertising of the competition for the coming years. Other uses of the competition photos will be agreed with the author.
  • Copyright of the photographs remains with the photographer.
  • A person under the age of 18 must have the consent of a guardian to participate in the competition.


The partners in the competition are JAS Tekniikka, Suomen Interfoto Oy and Kameratori.


More information and questions related to the competition: