Spring 2023 in Mörk will be full of interesting workshops. Now, if ever, you should update your basic skills and throw yourself into the world of attractive alternative methods! Please also remember that a course is a perfect gift for someone close to you who is interested in analog photography.


The main teaching language is Finnish, however most courses may also be held in English if requested.

Basics of silver gelatin printing
In the silver gelatin printing workshop, you will learn the basics of b&w darkroom work. You can join the course, even if you have never printed a photo in a darkroom or have completely forgotten about it.
Teacher: Katri Lassila

Bromoil printing workshop
The course covers the basics of bromoil printing and teaches you the bromoil printing technique in practice.
Teacher: Markku Joutsen

Film photography and development of black and white film
Is there a film camera gathering dust on your shelf that you don’t know how to use? Don’t worry, this course guides you through everything: from choosing the film, loading it into the camera, to shooting and developing it.
Teacher: Jenni Haili

The basics of bookbinding
In the bookbinding workshop, you will learn the basics of bookbinding. You can participate in the course without previous experience in bookbinding.
Teacher: Juha Markula

Intro to wet plate photography
Wet plate photography was a process from the middle and end of the 19th century, which was made famous by e.g. Julia Margaret Cameron and Gustave Le Gray. In this course, you will learn how to make, expose, process and finish ambrotypes (image on glass) and ferrotypes (image on black aluminum).
Teacher: Jenni Haili